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Natural Flowers

 wedding bouquet manavarai jaffnaIn every  ceremony flowers play an important role. Flower gives a new and fresh dimension to the wedding decor. Even a wedding the ambience of the venue seems incomplete without a proper flower decor. From Manavarai to the cars, the bed rooms to the halls and the pooja rooms to the veranda, flowers are a mandatory requirement for the wedding ambience.
wedding bouquet flower jaffnaFlowers offer more natural artwork and beauty. They are essential to removing carbon dioxide and toxins in the air. Flowers are a traditional part of joyous occasions.
We  bring fresh flowers of various kinds which can withstand a long ceremony without losing its aroma.The colours of the flowers are cutomised to blend with the entire venue and stage decorations. We also arrage for flower baskets, boquets as well as garlands. We ensure that flora and fauna are designed from the best of cut flowers, bud roses that gives everyone a lasting impact of the occasion.


Flower garlands are used as a symbol of respect and are frequently  used in the temples to adorn the statues of their deities. Although any flower can be used for worshiping any God, it is often believed that each God has His or Her own favorite flower and using them will bestow favor more easily.a beautiful garland of flowers used in Tamil cultural weddings from the  ancient time, denoting a proposal of marriage. Considering of flowers and thread, the garland symbolizes happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, aspiration, Zeal and beauty.
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Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquets includes a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Each Flower bouquet is customized for your tastes and opinions are incorporated in the design, based on budget and colour preferences.

Nagasadai / Naga Jadai

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